Shipping and delivery

For orders from countries not included in the dropdown list, please send your request to
For orders from countries which are not included in the list please ask for a quote by sending an email to or by calling our customer service department + 39.0544.271044. < br/>The price varies depending on the amount of goods and country of destination

Delivery times are indicated in each product and vary depending on manufacturers and individual products. The timing related to production can however undergo small changes accordingly, if you need to receive your goods within a specific date please contact us so we can check with the manufacturers.

Carrier responsible will contact you with advance notice of at least 24 hours for communicating the exact day of delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery-only at street level (truck side) as close to the entrance of the building where it is allowed to park the vehicle. < br/>The vehicle is driven by a single driver, there are no other people for possible help in unloading the goods. On arrival at the place of unloading the customer must be prepared and equipped to receive the materials that the courierand deliver it directly from his vehicles.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to deal with the transfer of the furniture at home and to their fitting. of the furniture at home and to their fitting.

To avoid unpleasant situations and to protect it up please read the following carefully:
-Always ask for DDT of transport, this document is very important you will need to make the necessary < br />
-Once the driver will have delivered the ddt, it is necessary to carefully check all packages, as the driver download, which are in good condition, that there are no tampering and cartons damaged or opened. If individuals a box with clear signs (be careful especially in the corners), open the neck in the affected area in front of the driver and make sure that the merchandise inside is intact, (when handling the packages often that the cardboard is marked but inside the merchandise is in excellent condition). If the item is ruined you must indicate on the transport document as follows: "withdrawal/acceptance CONDITIONAL COMMODITY: # XXXXXX with a RUINED" Repeat the phrase on DDT for each package that eventually found ruined. < br/>
-After you finish downloading, please contact usthe 0544.271044 reporting the incident and then send an email to with the list of packages listed in the DDT and some pictures of the items damaged, will open a help to give the discharge for insurance and sort the damaged items will be returned (for free only for deliveries in Italy) in regular production times. < br />
-If they are present all the hills and are in good condition, you can sign the DDT, and certainly there will be no problems. Attention! If you do not agree with specific reserve (to give details on the delivery document), do fall, in fact, possible to obtain compensation for damage, or replace the items, except for cases of intent or gross negligence.

For your protection, we recommend that you always place a general reserve precisely "withdrawal/acceptance CONDITIONAL COMMODITY INTERNAL VERIFICATION Hills". This reserve protects partially generic to any concealed damage, namely whether the opening of packages were damages, in this case, not later than 3 days from receipt of goods should be followed by the reserve indicated in the transport document, a statement by mail by sending it to documented by photos and details of the damage and also the packaging so don't throw them pending verification of all packages. Once you have sent your report will open a dialogue/comparison with betweenconveyor system or Adonai, and together will be assessed the extent of the damage and their probable causes. and together with the customer will decide what to do. After three days we will not accept complaints. 

NB. In the case of items with manufacturing defects, or lack of small elements, handles, or nails Aaa will in any case and at no cost, to send the necessary.


AAA guarantees its products in compliance with art. 132 of Legislative Decree n. 206/2005. 

When you can take advantage of the warranty? 

Can you make a warranty claim on our products should arise:
-production defects that do not allow normal use, same as breaks or malfunctions.
-defects of conformity i.e. object other than agreed, lack of features check out and described on our website

When not covered by warranty? 

You can't make a warranty claim if:
-vices arise from improper use confirmations on the type of product;
-vices arise from imprudent use of products but not limited not limited to, tampering, alterations, unsuitable cleaning agents etc.;
-vices arise from normal decay.
-vices arise from improper Assembly (if it is not carried out by our editors).