Refined and elegant, a timeless classic with modern details, ARCADIA is suitable for any age, wardrobes with hinged or sliding linear or angular, accessories and treated, high modularity and possibility of customized cuts available all types from standard room to the deck, loft or bunk bed, delicate finishes combined with brighter colors make Arcadia

ideal for male and female.

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Type Room
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Closet Door Type
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Type Of Cabin
Early childhood bedroom Arcadia AC137
€5,170.00 -25%

Baby bedroom set loft bed, column with side open, ladder, desk drawer, container platforms KONVER cot stone and mantelpiece.

Loft bedroom set Arcadia AC132
€4,851.00 -25%

Loft bedroom set with steps and running boards container, sofa bed with pull out bed, desk with drawer, mirror and Chair

Loft bedroom set Arcadia AC129
€5,926.00 -25%

Loft bedroom with ladder and platform container, bed with drawers, chest of drawers and bookcases, chairs, chaises study

Bridge unit composition Arcadia AC128
€3,580.00 -25%

Bridge unit composition with 3 doors wardrobe and shelf, bed, bedside table, desk, chest of drawers, cupboard, shelf and Chair

Bridge unit composition Arcadia AC127
€4,612.00 -25%

Children's bedroom with bridge wardrobe with shelf shaped and Terminal, 2 single beds, desk with drawer, Cabinet, shelf and Chair.

Bridge unit composition Arcadia AC126
€4,838.00 -25%

Bridge unit composition with corner cabinet with pull-out sofa bed with a cabin, desk, chest of drawers, cabinets and Chair.